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Compiled Service Record

During the 1890's, the War Department compiled histories of volunteer units which had served during the Civil War. These compiled service records do not contain information about individual soldiers, but only describe the movements and activities of each unit. Much of the information was extracted from the record-of-events section of the unit's original Battery Muster Roll or Battery Return.

The following was transcribed from the "Compiled Service Records Showing Service of Military Units in Vol. Union Orgs., New York, 1st Btry, L. Arty - 2nd Engrs", National Archives, Washington DC. The transcription has been formatted into tabular form and obvious misspellings of place names have been corrected.


Enlistment to 1 Nov 1861 Camp Observation, Maryland (Station of Battery)
Enrollment to 1 Jan 1862 Camp Duncan, Washington, DC  
Jan-Feb 1862 Fairfax Court House, Virginia  
Mar-Apr 1862 Franklin, Virginia  
May-Jun 1862 Camp Cedar Creek, Virginia  
Jul-Aug 1862 Camp near Fort Ethan Allen, Virginia  
Sep-Oct 1862 Fairfax Court House, Virginia  
Nov-Dec 1862 Stafford Court House, Virginia  
Jan-Feb 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
1 Mar - 10 Apr 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia (Special Muster Roll)
Mar-Apr 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
May-Jun 1863 Emmitsburg, Maryland  
Jul-Aug 1863 Catletts Station, Virginia The Battery was engaged in action of July 1, 2, & 3 at Gettysburg and in the arduous march preceding and following those battles
Sep-Oct 1863 Lookout Valley, Tennessee  
Nov-Dec 1863 Bridgeport, Alabama Battery was present and engaged at Missionary Ridge, Nov 24 & 25, 1863. Marched to Ringgold, Ga and thence to Louisville near Knoxville and returned to Bridgeport a distance of about 280 miles.
Jan-Feb 1864 Bridgeport, Alabama  
Mar-Apr 1864 East Bridgeport, Alabama  
May-Jun 1864 Near Marietta, Georgia Battery left winter quarters at Bridgeport, Ala May 3, 1864 with 2nd Div 20th AC and was engaged in all the actions and arduous marches of the present campaign in Georgia. Loss during May and Jun of killed 2, wounded nine (9). Capt William Wheeler, Chief of Artillery of 2nd Div, 20 AC was among the killed and First Lieut Henry Bundy was his successor in command of Battery.
Jul-Aug 1864 Paces Ferry, Georgia Battery was present in all the actions in which 20 Corps was engaged especially on the 20th of July 1864 at Peach Tree Creek, was in the trenches before Atlanta from July 24 to Aug 26 when Corps was ordered back to Chattahoochee River.
Sep-Oct 1864 Atlanta, Georgia On the 2 Sept - Battery marched from Paces Ferry, Ga to Atlanta, Ga with 2 Div 20 AC was afterwards relieved from duty with 20 A Corps and ordered to proceed to Tullahoma Tenn but the communications with that place having been interrupted she was temporarily assigned to Arty 14 Corps and assigned to do Garrison duty at Atlanta, Ga
Nov-Dec 1864 Tullahoma, Tennessee Battery reached Tullahoma Tenn on the 15 Nov where she remained until the 30 when ordered to Murfreesboro, Tenn. Partook of all the actions in the vicinity of the latest place during the month of December, especially on the 7th. Left Murfreesboro on the 29 of Dec and took her position again in Fort Rains, Tullahoma, Tenn
Jan-Feb 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee The battery was busily engaged in repairing Fort Rains at Tullahoma, Tenn which she garrisoned during these two weeks
Mar-Apr 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee Battery garrisoned Fort Rains, Tullahoma, Tenn during these two months
May-Jun 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee Battery garrisoned Fort Rains, Tullahoma, Tenn during these two months.


Oct 1861 Camp Observation, Maryland Note 1: Efficiency of the Company. The efficiency of the Company would be increased if it should receive its battery of guns. There are nearly enough old artillerists in the Co. to man a full section already. At the present the Co is only armed with sabres and is wholly inefficient. The discipline of the Co. is good.

Note 2: The Co. has been two weeks in camp with about five overcoats among nearly ninety men. The men will freeze to death soon unless the overcoats for which a requisition has been made are speedily forwarded.

Note 3: The Co. left New York Oct 17, 1861 and arrived at Camp Observation Oct 20, 1861
Nov 1861 Camp Observation, Maryland  
Dec 1861 Camp Duncan, DC On the 28th of December the Company marched from Camp Observation and went into the Artillery Camp of Instruction at Washington, D.C. Did not receive the number and name of Thirteenth New York Battery until January
Jan 1862 Camp Duncan, DC  
Feb 1862 Hunter's Chapel, Virginia  
Mar 1862 Manassas Junction, Virginia  
Apr 1862 Sandy Hook, Maryland  
May 1862 Mount Jackson, Virginia  
Jun 1862 Cedar Creek, Virginia  
Jul 1862 Sperryville, Virginia  
Aug 1862 Fairfax Court House, Virginia  
Sep 1862 Centerville, Virginia  
Oct 1862 Fairfax C. H.  
Nov 1862 Chantilly,Virginia  
Dec 1862 Stafford Ct. House, Virginia  
Jan 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
Feb 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
Mar 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
Apr 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
May 1863 Brookes Station, Virginia  
Jun 1863 Emmitsburg, Maryland  
Jul 1863 Warrenton Junction, Virginia  
Aug 1863 Catletts Station  
Sep 1863 Bridgeport, Alabama
Oct 1863 Lookout Valley Town  
Nov 1863 Charleston, Tennessee  
Dec 1863 Bridgeport, Alabama  
Jan 1864 Bridgeport, Alabama The Battery re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer Organization und. G.O. 191 War Dept and was mustered in for three years on the 5th of January 1864 by Capt A. Setzman. A.C.M. 3 Div 11 Corps Dept Cumberland.
Feb 1864 Fort Rains, Tullahoma, Tennessee The Battery having re-enlisted under General Orders 191 W.D.C.S. proceeded to New York City on the 2nd of Feb 1864 with the exception of 21 men that had not re-enlisted remaining in camp. Total 81 re-enlisted men absent on Veteran furlough since Feb 2, 1864 C O K 2 Dept Cumberland - no order on file. Hospitals as per accompanying list of absent men accounted for by name.

I certify that the above return is as correct a transcript from the records of 13 N.Y. Batt'y as can be given at this date, no retained copy of this return being on file. Hammer, copyist May 29, 1897
Mar 1864 Bridgeport, Alabama  
Apr 1864 East Bridgeport, Alabama  
May 1864 Near Dallas, Georgia On the third of May Battery left Bridgeport with the second division twentieth Army Corps and marched into Georgia. Was engaged at Stoney faced ridge, at Resaca and at Dallas, Ga.

I certify that the above is a true transcript from the records of 13 NY Battery, as can be given at this date - no retained copy of the return being on file.
Jun 1864 Marietta, Georgia Battery was engaged in numerous actions among which those of the 22nd and 27 of June near Marietta Ga were the most important ones
Jul 1864 N. Atlanta, Georgia Battery crossed Chattahoochee river with 2nd Division 20 Corps and lost heavily in the battle of the 20th near Peach Tree Creek. Moved into the trenches before Atlanta on the 22nd.
Aug 1864 Paces Ferry, Georgia Battery remained in trenches before Atlanta up to the 25th of August daily engaging the Artillery of the enemy - Fell back then with the 20 Corps to Paces Ferry, Ga
Sep 1864 Atlanta, Georgia On the 2nd of Sept Battery entered the City of Atlanta where she remained during the whole month.
Oct 1864 Atlanta, Georgia Although ordered to proceed to Tullahoma, Tenn, Battery was compelled to remain in Atlanta and do garrison duty, the enemy having cut the communication with Chattanooga.
Nov 1864 Tullahoma, Tennessee In obedience to orders from Head Quarters Dept Cumberland, Battery marched for Tullahoma Tenn on the 3rd and reached that post on the 16th. On the 30th the place was evacuated and Battery proceeded to Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Dec 1864 Tullahoma, Tennessee Battery was several times engaged with the enemy, especially on the 7th. She remained in Fortress Rosecrans near Murfreesboro Tenn till the 29th when she marched back from Murfreesboro to Tullahoma, Tenn.
Jan 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee Battery did garrison duty in Fort Rains, Tullahoma, Tenn.
Feb 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee  
Mar 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee  
Apr 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee  
May 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee  
Jun 1865 Tullahoma, Tennessee  

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