13th Independent Battery - NY Light Artillery

Summary of Regimental History

The Thirteenth Independent Battery had its beginnings on August 2, 1861 when Capt Emil Sturmfels was authorized by the War Department to recruit a battery of artillery for E.D. Baker's Brigade. For a time it was known as "Baker's Brigade Battery", but the recruiting was soon discontinued and the men reorganized as "E.D. Baker's Brigade Light Artillery, Company A". Recruiting for "Sturmfels' Company A" continued in New York City through October 15, 1861, at which time the unit was mustered into the service of the United States for a period of three years.

The company left New York on Oct 17, 1861 and arrived at Camp Observation, Maryland on October 20 where it began initial training. On December 28 the company entered the Artillery Camp of Instruction at Camp Duncan in Washington, DC. Shortly thereafter, it received for the first time its numerical designation as the "Thirteenth Independent Battery".

After completion of training, the unit was assigned to the defense of Washington and numerous activities in northern Virginia. During the next two years, it was involved the following operations, battles, or engagements:

Jan-Apr 1862    Defense of Washington, DC
Apr 18, 1862    Rappahannock River, Virginia
Jun 8, 1862    Cross Keys, Virginia
Jul 22, 1862    Luray, Virginia
Aug 22, 1862    Freeman's Ford, Virginia
Aug 23-24, 1862    Sulphur Springs, Virginia
Aug 24-25, 1862    Waterloo Bridge (Virginia)
Aug 29, 1862    Groveton (Virginia)
Aug 30, 1862    Bull Run (Virginia)
Sep-Dec 1862    Defense of Washington, DC
Dec 10-16, 1862    March to Fredericksburg, Virginia
Jan 20-24, 1863    "Mud March"
May 1-5, 1863    Chancellorsville, Virginia
Jul 1-3, 1863    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Jul 5-24, 1863    Pursuit of Lee
Oct 26-29, 1863    Lookout Valley & Wauhatchie, Tennessee
Nov 23-24, 1863    Orchard Knob (Tennessee)
Nov 24-25, 1863    Mission Ridge (Tennessee)
Nov 28-Dec 8, 1863    March to relief of Knoxville

At the end of 1863, the Thirteenth Battery found itself in the Union stronghold at Bridgeport, Alabama. There, on January 1, 1864, the company reformed as a Veteran Volunteer Organization and a majority of its members reenlisted for three years. During February, those members who had reenlisted enjoyed 30 days furlough to New York. Following the furlough, the Battery soon became engaged in operations in Georgia which culminated in the occupation of Atlanta:

May 8-11, 1864    Dug Gap & Mill Creek
May 14-16, 1864    Resaca
May 19, 1864    Near Cassville
May 25, 1864    New Hope Church
May 26-Jun 5, 1864    Dallas & Altoona Hills
Jun 11-14, 1864    Pine Hill
Jun 15-17, 1864    Lost Mountain
Jun 15, 1864    Gilgal or Golgatha Church
Jun 17, 1864    Muddy Creek
Jun 19, 1864    Noyes Creek
Jun 22, 1864    Kulp's or Kolb's Farm
Jun 27, 1864    Kenesaw
Jul 4, 1864    Ruff's Station & Smyrna
Jul 5-17, 1864    Chattahoochie River
Jul 19-20, 1864    Peach Tree Creek
Jul 22-Aug 25, 1864    Siege of Atlanta
Aug 26-Sep 2, 1864    Chattahoochie River Bridge
Sep 2, 1864    Occupation of Atlanta

Following the fall of Atlanta, the Battery was ordered to Murphreesboro, Tennessee where it engaged in battles at Overall's Creek on Dec 4, during Hood's attack on Dec 5-12, and at Wilkinson's Pike on Dec 7. The company then spent the remainder of the war in garrison at Fort Rains, Tullahoma, TN. On July 28, 1865 the Battery was honorably discharged and mustered out at New York City. During its service, the unit had lost only 1 officer and 11 enlisted men in battle. An additional 16 enlisted men had died from disease.

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13th Independent Battery - NY Light Artillery
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